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Clipboard Health Announces $80 Million in Funding at a $1.3 Billion Valuation


Created by: Wei Deng (CEO)

Last updated: April 18, 2022


Six years ago, I started Clipboard Health with the idea of helping people move up the socio-economic ladder. I walked that path with my parents when I was young, as an immigrant building a new life in the United States, and I wanted to make sure it stayed open for anyone ready to work hard to achieve their goals.

Others soon joined me, old friends and new colleagues, committed to the notion that the American dream was still possible for millions of hard-working people who had not yet attained it.

Healthcare touches us all, so we started out speaking to nurses and nursing assistants, one of the largest professional groups in the United States, to learn about the problems they faced. Why does the stereotype of the “struggling nurse” exist in a country that relies so deeply on caregivers? In one conversation after another, we were told that the market for healthcare talent was broken.

The professionals taking care of America in hospitals and nursing homes could not see where they were needed. The best opportunities were not visible, or not easily available. People were locked into rigid schedules and inflexible systems.

Even in the years before COVID, hospitals and nursing homes were short-staffed. They had open shifts to fill, and no easy way to fill them. Patients and residents were slipping through the cracks because of those shortfalls, and the caregivers working there were overworked and burned out. The system they had to fill the gaps wasn’t working.

That’s why we built a marketplace for healthcare talent. We wanted to create a way to match healthcare professionals — nurses, nursing assistants, medical assistants and others — with the facilities that needed them. We wanted them to be able to choose when they worked, and where, and how often.

That’s what software does best: it makes information more available and breaks down barriers to create opportunities that didn’t exist before. All the great software marketplaces — eBay, Amazon, Airbnb — have unleashed floods of opportunity and brought all new economies into existence, improving the livelihoods of millions of people. At Clipboard Health, we aim to do the same.

Today, I’m excited to announce that Sequoia Capital has joined us on this mission by leading our latest round. Clipboard Health has raised a $30 million Series C, bringing our total funding to more than $90 million.

This is our first funding announcement. Last year, IVP led our $50 million Series B. And we’re grateful for the support of other, amazing investors: Caffeinated Capital; Initialized Capital; Michael Seibel, managing director of Y Combinator’s early-stage program; Y Combinator itself; Tony Xu, co-founder of DoorDash; Emmett Shear, CEO of Twitch; SciFi VC; MasterClass CEO David Rogier; and angel investors Gokul Rajaram and Elad Gil.

We’ve been heads down serving our customers this whole time, and that will continue to be our focus. But it’s time to tell the world what Clipboard Health has built, because we think it’s going to change the market for talent in healthcare and many other industries, in many more countries.

I’d like to thank our customers, the healthcare professionals and facility administrators who tell us every day what they need. You are doing the important work of making sure patients get care. You are Clipboard Health’s north star.

And I want to say thank you to the Clipboard Health team, hundreds of people in dozens of countries building a remote-first company across oceans and continents. We couldn’t do it without you. You inspire me every day with your creativity and dedication.

Wei Deng

Founder and CEO