CBH in Ukraine

Clipboard Health has two employees in Ukraine.

Both live in cities that have come under rocket attack, and both are within 30 miles of the front.

While our team members have bunkers that shelter them from the rockets, it would be inaccurate to say they are safe. CBH is doing its best to support them.

On this page, we’ll point to sources of information and useful links for those who want to help.

Being remote does not mean being disconnected, or invisible.

The whole premise of CBH’s global and distributed team is that location is not necessary for connection. Because CBH is global and remote, a war in Ukraine matters as much as a war in California, Berlin, or Manila. It’s our job to stay connected.

To get a feel for how far away 30 miles is, and how your team members might feel, type your city here to see towns 30 miles from you, and then imagine that an occupying force is there, rolling your way.

News sources

How to help

Jobs and Housing

Donations (Food, Medicine)

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Paying Employees in Ukraine

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