We tend to consider everyone’s onboarding a bit of a custom process.

Beyond the normal paperwork, different people with different skill sets all tend to hit the ground at different speeds; in the first week some people are off and running, and others who are slotting into more complex projects take more time.

Because everyone’s experience actually getting to work varies, we focus more than most on introducing people to our culture. Every workplace is different, and figuring out what’s expected in terms of outlook, output and mentality is often one of the harder parts of being comfortable and productive at a new job.

While you work with your team and others to figure out your place in the workflow, we provide a large onboarding reading list to help you get a grasp of our culture and the tools we use to communicate.

Clipboard Health is a writing-and-reading-heavy company.

We have tried to make sure there’s a document explaining every important value and concept you need to know in your first few weeks.

We’ve found that by the time most people would get around to contributing to the company knowledge base, they are by definition past the point where the experience of onboarding is still fresh. We often have new hires write letters like this or this (links below) to help share those lessons before they are forgotten.

We’ve found this customized-and-culture approach works well.

Most of our new hires find they are in the thick of things with a good knowledge of how we operate quickly. But we are always learning and improving; if you were to join Clipboard, there’s a good chance we’d ask you to write a letter just like the one above, documenting your journey and helping us to get people up to speed just a little bit better.

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