Mission & Vision

Short-staffing hurts healthcare workers, facilities and patients. Fixing that is our mission.

As many as 90% of registered nurses have considered quitting the profession next year if critical workplace issues like short-staffing aren’t resolved, according to this study. This crisis touches us all, because we all need healthcare.

Clipboard Health exists to solve the problem of short-staffed facilities and to lift as many people up the socio-economic ladder as possible. To do this, we've created an efficient and transparent marketplace for healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals to fill shifts.

A new way to help healthcare workers fill open shifts

When our founder and CEO Wei Deng started Clipboard Health, she saw that healthcare staffing was broken, and set out to build another way to connect healthcare workers with facilities. The company went through different products before it found product-market fit, but all of them orbited around one important idea: always working towards taking better care of caregivers.

And a new kind of company

Clipboard Health is global, remote-first, and customer-centric and is hardcore about its mission. We don’t have a physical office. We don’t discriminate based on geography. We work hard to connect with each other virtually. We make every decision based on customer needs, with a view to improving their experience.