Personal Development

Opportunity to advance

In an interview with our engineering manager Ron Karroll, he mentioned a promotion he was excited to give to one of his team members. They joined, learned, and worked hard and he was excited to be able to keep his promise of rewarding them for that without jumping through hoops. There are a lot of reasons he was able to keep that promise. We are growing fast and have great finances, and that means we have a huge amount of opportunity. We are remote-first and don’t consider location when we consider promotions. We don’t emphasize a particular tech stack or filter our applicants with one, and that lets us reward people based on the heights they reach rather than the tools they choose to use.

Opportunity to grow

We think learning and growing should be present every moment of every day for everyone at Clipboard Health. If someone needs a way to learn, we find it. If someone needs a new tool, we get it. People move from position to position in the company all the time, because when someone thinks a tour of duty in a different role will help them become more complete we do everything we can to make that happen.

At CBH growth isn’t just allowed: it’s encouraged and rewarded.

We think letting people identify needs and then stretch themselves to fulfill them is how you get a team that can truly do anything.

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