Building for Scale

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Mike Cook
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September 10, 2021
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Are you experienced at designing & building high-scale systems, working at startups, and leading high-growth teams?

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

We’ve got a lot to do here on the engineering team. We’re gearing up to take on the challenges of hyper-growth in the truest sense, and I’m looking for exceptional Engineering Managers to join our team, attract great talent, and lead us through it.

I joined Clipboard Health as Head of Engineering at the beginning of May 2021, and since then our business has boomed. Active user sessions on our staffing marketplace have grown by 160% and have accelerated their ramp-up week-over-week. Though our usage is growing our product performance and stability has actually improved as a result of the investments we’ve made so far, but to successfully handle the scale of tomorrow at the rate we’re growing will require hardcore engineering chops and rapid and systematic hardening of our infrastructure.

I’m seeking experienced and deeply technical Engineering Managers who have led engineering teams to build scalable microservices and distributed systems for products that deliver uniquely tailored experiences for each user. We find ourselves needing to make a lot of technical and architectural decisions all the time, and I’d love to hear the details of how you have done this in your past and recent experience.

  • Describe a system that you recently designed - how did you determine requirements, decide what to build, and lead your team to build it?
  • What specifically did you contribute to the design and direction of the system to shape its final form?
  • How did you cultivate talent and aggressively manage the execution of your team?
  • In retrospect, what would you have done differently? How did you adjust your leadership style to course-correct for the future?

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