Clipboard Health Launch Program

Remote Global Post Series C

Short-staffing hurts healthcare workers, facilities, and patients. Fixing that is our mission.

As many as 90% of registered nurses have considered quitting the profession next year if critical workplace issues like short-staffing aren’t resolved, according to this study. This crisis touches us all, because we all need healthcare.

Clipboard Health exists to solve the problem of short-staffed facilities and to lift as many people up the socio-economic ladder as possible. To do this, we've created an efficient and transparent marketplace for healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals to fill shifts.

About Clipboard Health:

Clipboard Health is a post-Series C, extremely fast-growing tech startup with classic two-sided network effects, revolutionizing the market for healthcare talent. We are a diverse and inclusive company with a global, remote team. We have been named one of YC’s Top Companies for two years running, and have grown 25x across all key metrics in the last 18 months. There has never been a more exciting time to join our growing team and help us serve even more healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities, who can then better serve patients. To learn more about the culture at Clipboard Health, take a look at our culture hub here.

The Launch Program

The overall goal of the Launch Program is simple: we want ambitious people to build out their own labor marketplaces with our backing and resources. We’ll help you along the way, but this is an entrepreneurial opportunity within a big company.

We’re excited that you’re interested in joining our Rocketship, and are even more excited that you want to launch your own within Clipboard! The Launch Program is reserved for upcoming graduates.

We make big bets on those who we identify as high performers early in their career. Time and time again, we’ve had success with ambitious, early career people and have helped bend the trajectory of their career growth upwards. The Launch Program will be our way of continuing to do so, offering the freedom to build your own marketplace while also giving you coaching and an inside look into how a Unicorn runs a marketplace.

Where the Launch Program Fits in Our Organization

The Launch Program sits within our Product organization. Our product today manages millions of dollars of invoices & pays thousands of participants on a daily basis. I’d read our Product Team Standards and our Product Team Structure to get a sense of how we think and what we value.

Even though we have some scale today, we’ve only scratched the surface in the space of products and experiences we could build, and the Launch Program will help us get there.

Beyond the basics, what will make you successful:

  • Extreme Ownership: the buck stops with you, no matter what anyone else did or did not do. You're self-reliant, and can get things done in the chaos that is an early-stage startup scaling quickly.
  • Extreme Curiosity: you ask "why" 3-5 times in a row for the same problem, digging and digging and not being satisfied until you truly understand the root cause.
  • An obsession with customers and the metrics that tell you how well you’re serving your customers
  • You want to work in a fast-paced environment with constant change


  • Do great work that matters by helping people improve their lives and move up the socioeconomic ladder.
  • Move at the speed of your thinking.
  • Zero commute. Work wherever you are, globally (but on or around US Pacific Time hours)