Tech Stack & Tools

React TypeScript Chrome Extensions NodeJS Python ElasticSearch AWS Docker Heroku PostgreSQL Redis sk-learn pandas Tensorflow Keras PyTorch

We hardly ever talk about our tech stack in interviews. We are much more interested in how someone thinks, works and tackles problems than we are in whether or not they have two years experience in a particular tool or language.

Recently, an engineer who hasn’t been with our team for long built an important feature for our app, and he did it very well. It doesn’t matter that he used a development tool we haven’t used in the past. We’d much rather be thrilled by new outcomes than be comfortable with the status quo.

We want to be especially clear that our tech stack shouldn’t discourage anyone from talking with us about how they’d fit here.

Fun fact: we experiment hard and iterate fast. This means we end up discarding 90% of the code that we build. While it's good to take pride in your work, you will struggle if you tend to have a personal attachment to your code.