Hypergrowth Trajectory

Clipboard Health is experiencing hypergrowth: our revenue has grown 25x over the last 18 months.

And weโ€™re just getting started. The company is serving just a tiny fraction of the healthcare staffing market in a single country, and even in that single market we have years of growth ahead of us. But our mission goes beyond that - weโ€™re going to help more people, in more countries, and in more industries, reinventing ourselves as we go.

A de-risked opportunity

That makes us a rare thing: We offer huge high-impact opportunities at a thoroughly de-risked company. Weโ€™re actually accelerating our growth (and getting much larger!), while providing the kind of work environment where motivated people identify big needs, start projects, fix problems, and grow in their careers without red tape or bureaucratic sclerosis keeping them from doing their best work.

Our Product
Our Product