Jesse Ferrigno


Hey there!

I started with Clipboard Health in December of 2019 as a Project Manager, moved into the HR Manager role in February of 2020, and then transitioned into the Director of People Operations role in May of 2021.

This is my first remote job and the first job with a tech company, so it has been such a fun adventure for me thus far learning a new industry and working from home. I first made the switch to a work-from-home job because I have two monsters, I mean daughters, and spending 12+ hours a day away from home was getting to be too much for my sanity and family.

My passion for HR and people really grew in my previous job with a coffee company here in San Diego, CA (born and raised baby!). I started there as a barista and quickly worked my way up through management, eventually landing as the Training and Development Manager, running our training department. Throughout the almost 10 years I was there, I helped onboard and train hundreds of people of all levels, and had the opportunity to build out new training programs, launch new products, and work closely with the owners to open 10 locations.

I learned so much in my time there and one of the most important lessons that still sticks with me today is knowing that you never β€œget paid too much” to do anything. I have had to fix toilets in the middle of a morning rush with a line of customers waiting to use the bathroom, teach many adults how to properly mop a floor (still blame their parents for failing them on that one!), make coffee for grumpy customers when I was 9 months pregnant. But through it all, I learned so much about myself and so much about my teams and that is what I continue to do here at Clipboard. I love working with everyone in our organization and love that being in HR gives me the chance to work across all teams every day.

We all have the opportunity to learn so much from each other and I am dedicated to creating an open-door culture where I am always here to listen, help and work through any issues or roadblocks.

I feel so lucky to work for such a diverse and inclusive company and cannot wait to continue to grow with all of you. I am excited to continue this adventure with Clipboard and all of the amazing healthcare workers we have the opportunity of serving every day.

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