Leadership @ CBH

How CBH values impact leadership

Leadership at CBH goes beyond the leadership team with titles like chief, head and director. While we want you to get to know those folks, through media like this podcast with Wei Deng (our CEO) and this one with Bo Lu (our president and COO), we also want to dig into the values that all leaders strive to embody, and which we expect our teams to live each day.

We want you to know how our values and leadership would affect you if you worked here.

That’s why we share a post a leader wrote that’s filtering down through the company culture, because that matters more to what we actually do than a bio. Or we might show you an example of something filtering up through the company and changing how our COO thinks:


Our page on

shows the standards that leadership has produced, and what kind of culture they promote. The leadership you get is much more important than the leaders themselves and this kind of writing is what drives it, not Bio pages.

The leadership you get

It’s the leadership you get that matters at Clipboard Health. That leadership can come from any corner of the company, and does. If someone has a better idea, that’s the idea we adopt, whether it comes from a founder or our newest hire.

For the curious: If you want an even more unfiltered look at what our leadership looks like, let us know and we will get you into a conversation with someone in a similar position who sees that leadership every day. And our COO’s and CEO’s LinkedIn profiles are here and here.

Wei’s Podcast on our History and Future

Bo’s Podcast on our Culture and Hiring