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We Are Creating Opportunities to Say Yes

We are excited to have the chance to introduce you to what we do and how we approach our work.

You might be thinking to yourself: “People Ops? What the heck is that and what happened to good ole' HR?” Well, HR didn’t go anywhere, we just evolved.

Our Mission

Creating Opportunities to Say Yes

We want the days people feared being dragged into HR’s office or dreaded having to call HR to ask for them to sign off on something to be over for good. Here at People Ops, our goal and mission are to help everyone become the best versions of themselves, and ensure the people of the company are moving in parallel with the business. We do this in a few ways:

Ensuring team member satisfaction by working with management to create an engaging and productive environment
Performance management, including goal setting and feedback
Training, development, and growth planning
And more!

How We Work

We Facilitate Dreams: Creating Opportunities to Say Yes

We like to consider ourselves the facilitators of dreams. We are not the team where dreams go to die because some HR Manager thinks your dream is too risky or goes outside of some dream policy. Clipboard Health hires globally, approaches work unconventionally and is growing incredibly quickly.

That means that “normal” HR just isn’t enough. Dreams don’t fit one set pattern, and that means we have to be flexible and fast on our feet. We are often called on to create unconventional, amazing solutions to fulfill the needs of unconventional, amazing people. That’s our mission every day, and we love it.

Meet The Team

In these interviews, CBH team members share more about their experiences working at Clipboard Health, their lives outside work, and their craft. Keep an eye on this page! We’ll be adding more interviews with our talented, experienced crew.

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