Recruiting Team

Hello! This is where we open-source our team culture to give you an inside look into how we work.

We Are Finding the People who do Big Things

We focus on the overall process of sourcing, attracting, screening, and interviewing candidates for Clipboard Health’s career opportunities.

Clipboard Health is a fast-moving environment driven by curiosity, initiative, and ownership. The recruitment team looks for people who both want and thrive in our kind of workplace and start them on the process of learning more about who we are, what we do, and how they might fit on one of our hard-thinking and speed-driven teams.

Our Mission

Finding the People who do Big Things

We emphasize fit throughout our entire recruiting process. Where we have an opportunity to be frank about who we are and how we work, we seize that opportunity. Sometimes that means someone learns that we aren’t a great fit for them but we consider that to be a good thing; we want to give people their best chance at success just as much as we want to find the right people to join our team.

People who fit here tend to be people who want to do big things. Maybe they’ve worked at places in the past where they couldn’t get their ideas heard, or couldn’t make progress and improvements without jumping through hoops. We look for those people because the environment we’ve built is specifically suited for someone who wants to be able to join and then immediately start doing big, high-impact things that make the world a better place.

How We Work

We Reach Out

A lot of the people who make it to this page are here because we reached out to them. We spend a lot of time as a team learning as much as possible about positions we recruit for. We use that knowledge to find people who fit the bill with more accuracy, giving us the best chance of finding a great match between what we need and where you want to be.

We Answer Questions

We think that applicants should know as much as possible about us, even to the point where they learn more about our company than we do about them during the recruitment process. For us, that means being ready to answer any kind of question about our company and our opportunities (or knowing how to get the answers to those questions, fast).

We strive to be absolutely transparent. Sometimes as a person moves through the application process, they find we might not be the best fit for them. We think that’s good! We want people to end up in a place where they have the best chance for success, even if it’s not with us. We have a policy of answering every question honestly and as completely as we can, so potential team members can make the kind of informed choices that create the best outcomes for everyone.

We Learn Every Day

We know that applying for positions isn’t always fun, and every step of an application process represents time someone is spending that could have been spent on family, fun, and friends.

The recruiting team pays close attention to data so we can learn from every application we get and every team member we hire and make that process shorter, easier and more fun. It’s constant work to constantly improve, but we think it’s important. Not only do we want to find the best talent, but we want everyone who applies to Clipboard Health to have the best experience possible.

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