Clipboard Health has been remote-first since our founding and will be forever.

We believe that this means something. We aren’t just dipping our toes in the remote-first pool, waiting for a pandemic to end or the economy to change. If remote work is taking us to a new and better future (we think it is) then we want to be at the forefront of the movement in every way.

We have no office.

That means every tool we use is chosen with a remote environment in mind. Every part of how we work is built around the idea that our team members are just as likely to be calling in from Ghana as they are from San Francisco. It means no team member has an advantage over another because they sit at a desk in a particular building. It means truly global hiring practices that let us bring in talent from all corners of the world.

Every decision we make is made knowing we have never and will never have an office, and we work every day to make remote work better and faster.