Startup Leadership Rotation Program for folks from Finance

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Join Clipboard Health, a Sequoia-backed unicorn and YC Top Company where tens of thousands of nurses collectively earn hundreds of millions of dollars per year helping out healthcare facilities in their community. We’re growing at 700% a year, doing 9-digits of revenue, and profitable. Our leadership are experienced second-time founders whose last company was also a YC Top Company, before being acquired by BlackRock. Join our globally-remote team from 33 countries on our mission to lift as many people up the socioeconomic ladder as possible.

This is a team full of math and science kids, including former Science Olympiad winners, Westinghouse national finalists, and International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) winners. We’re working to improve the economy one marketplace at a time, as scientists looking for better answers. We’re a great place for exceptional problem solvers with a hunger for impact, and folks like you tend to do really well in our lots-of-math&writing-very-few-meetings culture. You’d fit right in.

Why me?

Because running a marketplace at massive scale, like ours, is a lot more like finance than people realize. A few examples:

  • We are responsible for setting & enforcing policy, and iterating on policy & enforcement mechanisms as our marketplaces react to new rules.
  • We set pricing, including repricing to handle approaching spoilage, all while observing the speed at which each submarket absorbs changes in pricing.
  • We use our balance sheet to market-make, allowing far more transactions to clear where the bid-ask doesn’t naturally match but one or both market participants will be positive lifetime value (LTV)
  • We use our balance sheet to bridge liquidity issues across time: supply wants to get paid fast, demand has a 30-day invoicing cycle. We stand in the middle underwriting fraud on the supply side and credit risk on the demand side. We systematically choose to pay (or not pay) the cost of capital (ours is a bit over SOFR) depending on NPV, thousands of times a day.

This is a team full of math and science kids, including former National Science Olympiad winners, working to improve the economy one marketplace at a time. We’re both a great place for those with training in finance and math looking to transition into a startup with big impact, and folks like you tend to do really well in our lots-of-writing-very-few-meetings culture. You’d fit right in.

What sets Clipboard apart from other startups?

First, our level of ambition. We’re not a healthcare company, because the problem we solve of matching supply and demand doesn’t stop with healthcare. Amazon didn’t stop at selling books. Our solution will scale outside of healthcare and outside of the United States. In addition, the network effect we’ve created enables fully new matches (such as matching nursing school candidates with practicum slots at nearby healthcare facilities) or fully new benefits (such as paying healthcare contractors far faster than the typical “net 30” that is traditionally the way things are done).

Second, we’re a profitable Unicorn in control of our future. As of our Series C round led by Sequoia, we had grown 25x in revenue in the last 18 months. We set ambitious targets after our series B, and then beat our own targets by 2x. This is our revenue growth chart literally copy-pasted from the Series C deck that we shared with Sequoia:


On top of all of that, we're profitable. We control our own destiny. The current market downturn doesn’t just not affect us - it’s an incredibly opportunity for us to grow even faster and be of service to the economy.

Third, our focus on hiring & training the best. We think from first principles in seeking to find the highest potential future teammates. For example, we don’t look really look at resumes; we care more what you can do than what you have done. Our head of sales is a former lawyer. Our head of strategy is a former sales associate. We realize that we have a big part to play in the bigger arc of your career, and we strive to be the best place for you with thoughtful training (provided directly by our leadership team, not outside consultants), tours of duty to understand different parts of the business, and a focus on helpful feedback to help you grow.

But I know nothing about healthcare or marketplaces…

That’s not a problem at all. We have resources internally that help you learn all that you need to know.

Actually we’ve recently begun a small portion of what we have internally available for the rest of the world. For example, see:

Why do some people thrive at Clipboard, and others do not?

  1. Speed. We all have a limited time to make as big a dent as possible in our world. Our peculiar way of maximizing impact is to move faster than anyone thought possible. We’re very aware of
    Speed Papercut™
    , spend time more frugally than we spend money, and believe the ideal number of mistakes per initiative is not zero.
  2. We want you to rock the boat. You can measure someone’s impact by seeing how different a team or process they own is a few weeks after they joined vs. before they joined. A common mistake is folks with a “I spend my first few weeks quietly listening because I don’t want to show up and rock the boat” type attitude.
  3. Anti-incrementalism. We imagine the ideal impossible and start there. We reinvent from scratch time and again rather than merely improve what’s existing today. A customer experience that’s “better than it used to be” is, well, not that interesting. Who cares what it used to be? We measure customer experiences in “distance to the ideal.”
  4. First principles thinking. Taking things to their logical extreme is sometimes uncomfortable but extremely powerful. In one of our favorite past tours of duty, a leader took over a team to improve efficiency and quickly determined the entire team didn’t need to exist. He finished his tour a few weeks after he started it by sunsetting the entire function, finding seats elsewhere in the company for all team members, and moving on to the next interesting problem to tackle.

Where can I learn more?

What’s the next step?

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