Kathrina Shimano

People Ops Administrator


I started with Clipboard health last January 2020 as a Sales Development Representative, then was moved to the Onboarding Specialist Role last May 2020 and recently moved as an Internal Onboarding Specialist in October 2021.

There was a time that I felt like giving up because of the months I was failing my metrics. But, because I saw that this company cares for its people, I used that as a motivation to grow and give my best to hit my numbers month over month.

I've been working with Sales, Recruitment, Customer Service, Technical Support, Business to Business support for over seven years now. I remember those days during my orientation with the companies I've worked with. We are being asked how we can see ourselves five years from now, and my answer is all the same: to be one of the HR personnel. I wasn’t given a chance to work in HR at that time because they've assigned me to grow in operations. I just thought that maybe being part of HR was not for me. For almost 2 years working with Clipboard, the Internal Onboarding Specialist position came and I got it! Wow! My Dream Job! I officially started last October. I enjoy what I’m doing especially addressing people’s concerns.

Clipboard is the first company I've worked with that really embodies their company culture! I really enjoy working here! I'm so excited to see how I can be successful being an Internal Onboarding Specialist!

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