Victor Murga


Tell me about yourself. Where are you from? What do you enjoy doing?

I think both inside and outside of work I like to think of myself as a “go forth into the unknown” kind of guy. I like to jump into new adventures where I don’t know what the outcome will be, and I’ve been accused of having an “act first, then figure out the practical parts as you go” mentality.

One of my past sales mentors instilled a mindset in me that you can’t really fail at something if you learn from it, and if you keep your momentum going by focusing on the knowledge gains and growth you are working for.

So I focus on adventure and trying things I haven’t tried, especially when they are things I’m not good at. Skiing is that way for me. I’ve only gone twice, and all my knowledge is from YouTube videos. I wiped out a lot. But a friend convinced me to go down more difficult hills, and between that and a few more YouTube videos, I was able to ski pretty well pretty quickly. I love that kind of experience.

What made you choose Clipboard Health, as opposed to some other workplace?

I think one thing that’s probably attractive to Clipboard about everyone is that it’s fully remote, and I was absolutely looking for a remote company. Even more than that I liked that your values were visible for people to find, that I could say “what does CBH think about this” and go look it up and know.

Curiosity is a big value for CBH, and that drew me in because I have that “go forth” mentality I mentioned. My whole philosophy around sales, one that I’ve had since early on, is that curiosity is necessary if you want to know what the needs of the person you are doing business with are and to fulfill them. So right away I knew we were aligned on that front. I was sold.

What new skills are you trying to pick up?

I try to maintain a consistent personal development mindset. I’m training and developing myself to be a High-performance coach outside of work, because I want to be able to bring clarity and joy to people’s lives, even their work lives. I’ve found that doing things wrong or poorly in one part of your life tends to cascade through your whole life, and where I can help people self-diagnose those kinds of problems I think it has a big impact.

It’s not just about telling those things to other people, either. I’ve been focusing on my own life a lot, trying to improve it. There are a lot of ways to do that, from getting better sleep to better nutrition and exercise. It all adds up.


What are some things you can do at Clipboard you couldn’t do anywhere else?

This is one of the first companies I’ve ever worked for where I genuinely thought my input was valued. Even when I was interviewing with Ryan, I thought that I’d never met someone more supportive (Ryan, I’m pumping up your ego here) guy who was smarter with less of an ego.

He sent me a letter about what it was like to work with him, to let me know what to expect, and I thought that was genius. I walked into the job knowing what kind of support I’d get from him and how he planned to give it. You don’t normally get that level of communication, especially before you’ve even started the job.

You can’t connect with the CEO or COO of most companies. You don’t usually have that kind of access. If you can, you go through a huge chain of management to connect. Here you can literally message Bo (our COO) on slack and he gets back to you and talks with you. It makes me feel like I’m valued. Like I’m not a number but a person with a name.

What’s your favorite story about working here, either that you’ve heard or you’ve experienced yourself?

One thing that’s been cool for me is that there have been several instances where someone has let me use strengths I wasn’t necessarily hired for on big, important projects. The week after I onboarded, there was a push to add videos to some of our outgoing emails as a test. So I was messaged by Vaughn and asked if I’d like to have a role in that. Since then, I’ve worked on a few projects requiring video. That’s absolutely something I like doing, but it’s also not at all why I was hired.

I think that’s really healthy for the company, because it lets them take advantage of its employee’s strengths while not being bogged down by job descriptions. And it’s great for someone who works here because it lets them have opportunities to show more of what they can do.

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