Brooke Fox

Brooke Fox


Hey There!

I'm Brooke and as you can probably already tell by my title, I'm the HR Generalist here at Clipboard Health! A little bit about me... I want to live in a world where laundry folds itself, coffee is free all the time, and a force field is around my keyboard to prevent my cats from stepping on it!

I've been in the HR world for the past 8 years working at a wide variety of companies that were all different sizes! No matter where I'm at, the one thing that remains constant is wanting to ensure the company has a culture that is desired. I truly believe that if an employee feels supported and cared about by their company, it will help the company succeed in the long run. I have been lucky enough to be with Clipboard Health since May 2021, and am thrilled to continue to make this the very best workplace it can be!

When I'm not running payroll or creating new policies or benefits, you can find me doing something Disney-related, cuddling my cats, experimenting with new recipes in my kitchen, or supporting my local sports teams (Go Buckeyes!!!)


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