Agustina Lluma

Agustina Lluma


I started working at Clipboard Health in February 2022.

I have already completed my first 90 days with the company, which has been an extremely eye-opening and incredible experience for me.

I like to think that workplace utopias are real, and I've been lucky enough to experience them more than once in my career. But at the same time, I'm very wary when something promises to be ideal. Every company promises perfection but few deliver.

In the first few weeks I was here I read a lot.

I read articles written by Wei (our CEO), Bo (Our president), Ben (my teammate on the content team), Chris (the content team manager and the leader of our data science team), and others at CBH. The articles were about life at Clipboard health; our values, our culture, how to act in certain situations, and speed and quality (which are foundational values the company really does emphasize in our day-to-day work life).

Those articles were great, and it was good to know that other people at the company were thinking deeply about how we work and what we do. But what continues to impress me the longer I stay at Clipboard is that all those writings come to life on a day-to-day basis and become reality.

Seeing other people think and make real changes in the company helps me find the motivation to think about how I approach my work.

It helps remind me to reflect on how I have always done things, what I should change, and how I can change how I think about problems moving forward.

I have read and watched the interviews of CBH employees published in our Culture Hub and thought that while they seem like normal people each of them is brilliant in their specialty. They are great people, too: I loved getting to know them in an environment that encourages relationships outside of any label. The people who work here are flexible, open, cheerful, and extremely efficient.

I feel lucky to get to share my time at work with the Culture Hub Team.

We are a team of four people from three separate countries in which everyone can contribute their ideas and strategies and where quality and deep thinking are rewarded no matter who they come from. I marvel at what we are able to accomplish, and the speed and quality at which we accomplish it.

Spanish is my first language, but I’m still able to thrive on a mostly English-speaking team.

I speak only a small amount of English. When I found Clipboard Health, Chris trusted me despite this and only looked to what I could do for the team rather than language issues or national origin. This article you are reading was edited by one of my team members; that’s how we work. We help each other where we are weak so we can all focus on where we are strong. I’m grateful every day to be able to work in that kind of environment.

I am originally from Argentina, and now live in A Coruña, Galicia (Spain). I went from ballet to journalism, from teaching to technology. I have been able to bring all my knowledge to bear in project management, which is a role that rewards generalist skills and which rewards me for continuing efforts to learn and grow.

In any job I take on, I’m looking for ways to make the world better and to help people. I am gratified to know that my efforts at Clipboard Health help a company that works hard to help people have a better future.

If I could give one piece of advice to those coming into CBH, it would be something like telling them “What you read is true. Everything is as it seems. This is the place we all want to be. Relax and do your best (and fastest!) work.”


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