What Culture Means To Us

In What is Culture? by Wei (CEO), Wei lays down the framework for our understanding of the word culture. A quick summary is that at Clipboard Health we think that culture is above all about what you encourage, in the sense that encourage is synonymous with “reward”.

If you take a short dip into any of the many, many pieces of writing we’ve written on the subject, you will find that several concepts rise to the top. We reward curiosity of the type that not only observes a problem but searches until they know the “why” behind it. We reward initiative that takes that why and turns it into a plan for action, and we reward ownership that brings that plan from paper to reality.

We give freedom, but we reward people who use that freedom to do big, impactful things. We reward both removing roadblocks that get in the way of speed and quality and using that roadblock-free environment to move fast, run tests, build things and solve problems.

We look for people who think deeply

The people who do best here are those who love data and who can’t stand leaving things in a broken state. We search for people who are comfortable having conversations to find out what our users need and who then take the flexibility we’ve built and use it to make people’s lives better.


Culture only works when your stated values clearly point to what you actually reward. For examples of how we express values that point to our culture, take a look at How We Communicate, where we explain in clear terms the kind of thinking we are looking for.